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As a service to our clients, we offer a full range of pre-construction services including preliminary budgeting, planning, design and engineering coordination, value engineering, long lead item procurement and scheduling. Many clients recognize the value of having their contractor on board as early as possible to have access to critical information which leads to more effective decision making which in turn guarantees a successful end result. Golden Gate Contracting staff and Professionals take the time to understand our clients’ unique needs and challenges, and utilize our extensive experience in planning for your project. See below for a brief listing of our Pre-Construction Services.
  • Master Planning
  • Due Diligence Review – Site Surveys – Exploratory Services
  • Constructability Review (Design Drawings)
  • Site Logistics Planning
  • Pre-Construction Mock Up (If Required)
  • Conceptual Budgeting
  • Budgeting/Estimating
  • Scheduling – Prepare schedules for both Pre-Construction and Construction
  • Value Engineering Analysis
  • Identify Long Lead Items
  • Obtain early subcontractor input
  • Bid Package Preparation – Formal Bid Process
  • Participate in Permitting Process
  • Analyze Subcontractor Bid Results
  • Prepare a final budget for Contract

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