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Design Build
Golden Gate Contracting’s integrated design-build solutions deliver on all counts. We have experience at executing design-build projects as lead contractor . Golden Gate Contracting brings together the two worlds of design and construction. We span these sectors’ separate “languages” – the language of design/owner goals, and the language of construction, which deals with materials and costs. By speaking both languages, we become the bridge linking your objectives in the key areas of cost, quality and time with the materials and processes that will best achieve your objectives. Design-build allows you to start with just a concept or vision – we provide the rest. Because it combines several phases of the project life-cycle, this delivery method gives you certainty on all three key project parameters: cost, quality and time (or scheduling). We assume responsibility for design and take on all pricing and timing risk. You’re looking for a solutions provider that:
  • Has capabilities extending far beyond general contracting, including design-management, enabling the company to work productively and smoothly with designers;
  • Knows what questions to ask of every participant in the project;
  • “Speaks the owner’s language” – i.e., talks about more than concrete and re-bar, but understands your project objectives and can translate them into the right materials and construction methods;
  • Has deep experience in costs of services and materials;
  • Understands financial risks and has the financial strength to manage them;
  • Has people who see the bigger picture of a project – not just the building phase, but the entire life-cycle, and what this will mean – because they are more than just contractors; and
  • Perhaps most important, understands what the owner really wants and needs – not just the structure, but the objectives of the business that is going to depend on the facility.

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